Dr. Baruch Tetri

How does the treatment cost come to be?

Board-certified periodontist
December 15, 2022

Patients visit Tetri’s Smile from all over the world and there is a good reason for that 😉

1. Modern equipment

We use only high-end equipment that assists all of our doctors in performing the most thorough diagnostics to detect the tiniest abnormalities. Not every clinic can say the same thing.


2. Expertise

Our doctors possess the knowledge and expertise in all areas of dentistry, including but not limited to: gnathology, periodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, full mouth rehabilitation & complicated cosmetic surgery. Our patients don’t have to go around different clinics and doctors to accomplish their goal, let alone gather all of the needed information for the treatment. Everything you are looking for is right here at Tetri’s Smile. The best part about all this, full mouth reconstruction can be completed in just one day. You walk out with your brand new beautiful smile.

3. Comprehensive diagnostics

Our treatments are not about concealing the problems or the small worries our patients might have. It is about comprehensive diagnostics with the help of GNM, which helps achieve that beautiful smile for a lifetime by eliminating many of the problems that are associated with malocclusion, muscle strain & TMJ dysfunction.

Comprehensive diagnostics

4. Premium materials

No cutting corners on high quality material. Only the best for our patients, their comfort & experience.

Zirconia crown

5. Service

Our goal is to make our patients feel comfortable, confident & excited by improving their health and going through the process of it. We create core memories & change lives by exceeding all expectations.


Having said that, we wanted to share words of one our patient 

“Every dollar spent was absolutely worth it. The mind set, the quality and the results I received were amazing! From now on I recommend Tetri’s Smile to all of my friends & family, knowing that they will be in great hands and receive only the best treatment there”